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East and West Wittering

The Wittering Experience

The east and west wittering beaches are often regarded as the “gods pocket” because of their sheer beauty and elegance. East and West wittering are two villages in West Sussex that make great tourist attractions. If you are ever staying at the horse and groom then you should definitely visit these two villages for an enchanting experience. East wittering is located close to the sea and has a wonderful picturesque location that visitors can enjoy. The amazing beaches present here mean that this area is a hot spot for tourist activity throughout the year. West wittering on the other hand is also very similar to its twin East wittering. This village also has a small population with beautiful sandy beaches serving as the main tourist attractions. West wittering is one of the most widely visited beaches in Sussex. Let’s learn more about these two villages.


East and West wittering are amongst the older settlements in Sussex. For a lot of years these areas fell under the stewardship of the Wystryng family. Later in the 19th century these areas began to attract tourists as weekend surfing and beaching activities became popular. Modern day east and west wittering comprise of modern bungalows, shopping areas and eateries.

East Wittering Attractions

East wittering is a family vacation spot in Sussex. It is renowned for its beach life and seaside activities. Tourists that come here can expect to have some excellent food, enjoy a lot of outdoor activities including surfing, boating etc. East wittering has expanded rapidly over the years and is now the hub of entertainment activities in Sussex. If you are in east wittering you might want to check out some of the popular spots here including the east wittering windmill which is among the oldest in the country.

West Wittering Attractions

West wittering runs along the coastline and is a wonderful place to live for everyone with beautiful views of the beach out front. Chichester harbour a special scientific site is also in close proximity of West wittering. This area serves as a protection zone for birds and other wildlife. West wittering has become a favorite picnic spot for families and vacationers over the years. This areas unique beauty and breathtaking location is what makes it so special. You can take walks on the beach with your loved one or just lie down and soak in the sun. The west wittering beach is among the premium beaches in the country which is why you must check it out.


East and West wittering are the ideal vacation sports for you and your family. There are so many activities here that everyone is likely to have a great time. The beaches in these two villages are totally safe and clean. Some of the lesser known activities that you can perform here include dog walking, horse riding, kite surfing and kite buggying. You can also book huts at the beach and stay the day with your family. Make sure you book the huts early so that you have a pleasant experience.

East and West Wittering