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West Dean village near Chichester

West Dean

West Dean is a very popular village that is located in the district of Chichester, West Sussex. The village houses a small population of a few thousand people. West Dean is perhaps most famous for its college which is also located on the West Dean's grounds. The gardens at West Dean are regularly used to hold events and functions of different sorts. West Dean has some fine architecture that draws a lot of visitors every year. The grounds at West Dean are expansive and are great for a fun day out with the family. The gardens at West Dean are also home to some beautiful and diverse species of plants. People who enjoy nature and outdoor environments will absolutely love West Dean. Lets discuss the various elements of West Dean as a tourist hot spot.


West Dean has a very brief history unlike other villages in West Sussex. The West Dean house was designed by renowned artist James Wyatt and it was built in 1804. In 1891 William James started living here and it was his son Edward James who donated this house as a place of learning and knowledge. Edward James was very interested in arts and crafts and he looked at the West Dean house as a place where his beliefs could be practices by those who were interested in this field. In 1971 the college was officially formed. From that day on West Dean has become known as a major public place in Sussex which works for the benefit of the society.


The West Dean estate is gigantic in size. It comprises of a total of 136 houses, and cottages that are spread across the grounds. 100 farm buildings are also present here. The lands aren't completely occupied as the population is still very low. If you are visiting you can dine in at the West Dean Gardens restaurant and enjoy some deliciously cooked meals. The West Dean grounds also have some old school Victorian glasshouses that were built in the early 1900s. West Dean's is a place you will thoroughly enjoy.

Things To Do

West Dean is just a short 15 minute drive from the horse and groom bed and breakfast. The West dean grounds have a lot of farms, twelve of these farms are located on the estate itself the rest are in the surrounding areas. Agricultural activities carried out here are mainly focused on livestock and cereals. West Dean is also home to a lot of different types of tree and plant species. One major heritage sites present here is the Goose hill camp which is reportedly as old as the iron age. Nearby landmarks include Kingley Vale, you can walk or cycle in West Dean from one point to another.


Amongst the numerous places you can visit in Sussex West Dean is one of the most interesting without question. West Dean is a place where you will be provided with a relaxing environment. You should definitely visit this place when you come to The horse and groom.

West Dean