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Portsmouth is located on the south coast of Hampshire


Portsmouth is located on the south coast of Hampshire England, just a 25 minute drive from the horse and groom. It is a very friendly and fun loving town that is known for its football culture and association with the sea. Portsmouth is ideally located and has links with London and Europe. The town of Portsmouth also has a great history it was founded by John of Gisors in 1180. The earliest records of Portsmouth no longer exist as they are believed to have been destroyed by Norman invaders. In the early era Portsmouth remained separate from the mainland population and only had a population of a few hundred people. Lets discuss in detail everything about Portsmouth.

Historical Perspective

Throughout the years Portsmouth has held historical significance of some sort. Under various kings and leaders this town was developed progressively. In the 14th century the town was struck by a plague which is still remembered by the term black death. The city was regularly ransacked in the early days by conquerors who wanted to prove their metal. In the Tudor period the Portsmouth fort was reworked continuously. Problems in Portsmouth continued till the 18th century when eventually some proper reforms were made. Newspapers were launched during this period and later in the 19th century industries such as media, education and transport also took off. By the 20th century Portsmouth had been properly modernized and became the town we so dearly love today.


Portsmouth is renowned for its superb cultural heritage. It is also the only island city in all of Britain. Portsmouth is also home to the world's oldest dry dock which surprisingly is still functional today. Another key attraction in most Portsmouth is the haunted status it has gained from the locals. Many consider it as one of the most haunted towns in Hampshire. Portsmouth is widely visited by tourists every year because of its excellent churches, ferry cruises and historical museums. Portsmouth is perhaps the most unique town in all of Hampshire.

Things To Do

So what can you do in Portsmouth? The town has a lot of entertainment options for you so you should be able to enjoy all the time you spend here. Portsmouth has a dynamic community and its waterfront location makes it the ideal place to visit on your holidays. Some of the landmark sites that are regularly visited by tourists include Spinnaker Tower, South sea Castle, Portsmouth historic dockyard where you can see the legendary HMS victory ship and the Mary Rose, Saint Mary's church, The Kings theater, royal marines museum and much more. Portsmouth residents will make you feel right at home when you get here. This is one town where visitors are given the royal treatment.


Portsmouth has something to offer for everybody. The town is full of exciting places that will keep you entertained throughly. You can visit the local parks , museums, galleries or theaters if you want an indoor experience. For those who want to go out the ferry cruise is ideal. You can also go sightseeing at historic landmarks that are located in close proximity of Portsmouth. This is a town that offers the complete experience to visitors from all parts of the world.