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Kingley Vale National Nature Reserve

Kingley Vale National Nature Reserve is part of the South Downs in west sussex and is home to the ancient yews trees which are among some of the oldest living things in Britain.

This natural reserve is located in Chichester bear West Sussex. It is a vast reserve that approximately covers an area of 160 hectares. The Kingley Vale national reserve is known for its lush green landscape and picturesque location. Some even regard this reserve as one of the finest forests in all of Europe. Given the high praise you would be right in assuming that this is one of the most widely visited tourist locations in Sussex. The reserve houses some fascinating natural elements including ancient yew trees that are considered as the oldest living things in the United Kingdom. When you visit the reserve you will find that there are a lot of different types of plants and grass present here. The diversity and variety of plant life is what makes Kingley Vale national reserve so special. During the spring you can enjoy a walk around the local woods where you are met with a sea of bluebells covering the ground around the trees. Lets discuss the history and other key elements of this reserve in more detail.


Kingley Vale national reserve has a long history that dates back to the ice age. In the early days Neolithic people inhabited this area. They used this area for animal grazing, they cleared the melted ice and made space for grazing. Later down the road burial mounds were built on top of the hills at the reserve. The trees were also cleared in order to make room for farming. More developments took place at the reserve during the iron age. A hill fort was constructed here, this fort still exists today and is known as the goose hill camp. Another historical event took place here when during the second world war British and Canadian trained here. After the war the site was declared as a national reserve which was to be preserved. Today the Kingley Vale reserver is a symbol of tourist attractions in Sussex.


Visiting Kingley Vale reserve should not be a choice it should be a a clear cut decision. This national reserve is a complete and comprehensive outdoor experience for you and your family. If you like an adventure you will love this place. The trees and grassland are a sight that you should definitely see. The ancient monuments present here make this reserve a an important archaeological site. The spectacular landscape and breathtaking views will keep you interested throughout your time here. Every part of Kingley Vale has a story to tell, you will here all about the Romans and the Vikings when you get here. If you have any concerns about the travel experience here you should rest assured because there is never a dull moment at Kingley Vale national reserve.


Kingley Vale national reserve is a place for those who enjoy nature. At the reserve you will find different types of plants and animals which you wont see anywhere else. From the horse and groom there are other attractions nearby as well including the West Dean Gardens, Fishbourne Roman palace and the South Downs national park. Kingley Vale national reserve is a tourist spot that you just cannot afford to miss. If you haven't been here as yet do so today without wasting anymore time.

Kingley Vale National Nature Reserve