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Goodwood Events

Goodwood is located in West Sussex which is in the southern part of England, At the heart of goodwood lies Goodwood House which is surrounded by the Goodwood Estate, which venues host major sporting and leisure events.

The venues around the Goodwood Estate are Goodwood Racecourse, which hosts the famous Glorious Goodwood Event, also Goodwood Airport and Goodwood Circuit which are host to the Goodwood Festival of Speed and Goodwood Revival.

Goodwood Racing Events


Goodwood festivals are known for their extravagance and brilliance. All these festivals are a product of the Goodwood house which is the seat of Dukes of Richmond. Goodwood festivities are a major part of the social season in England. Goodwood organizes everything from motor racing events to horse racing. Goodwood arranges these events on an annual basis and each year these events are looked forward to greatly by tourists and enthusiasts. The Goodwood spectacle is a major attraction in nearby towns including Sussex and Hampshire. The wide range of events organized by Goodwood mean that there is something for everyone to enjoy. Lets take a detailed look at the numerous events that are organized by Goodwood.

The Estate

The Goodwood grounds and estate are on their own great sites to visit. You can rent the estate for a short stay and experience the luxurious royal lifestyle. Another Goodwood feature is the celebrations you can have organized at this place. A lot of people have their wedding ceremonies, family dinners and other events at the Goodwood estate. The wonderful location is the perfect backdrop for you to celebrate with your loved ones. The estate is available for hire and you can contact the authorities for more information.

Horse Racing

Goodwood horse racing is one of the biggest tourist attractions in England. It is a must visit place for horse racing enthusiasts. At this festival you will get to see fast paced action at the world's finest race course. The glorious Goodwood festival is the main event that is held each year, the event goes on for 5 days including ladies day which is held on the thursday and can attract crowds of up to 100,000.

Motor Sport

Car racing and motor sport fans will be delighted to hear what's on offer for them at the Goodwood motor sport festivals. There are two main motoring events held each year that include the Goodwood revival, the festival of speed also there is the breakfast club which is held on the first Sunday of each month from March to November (with the exception of July and September when the Festival of Speed and the Revival are held). All three events have huge followings and are a must visit for any tourist. The revival event takes you back in time to the 50's and the 60's when cars were simpler and more fun to drive without any gadgets. The second major event being the festival of speed is every petrol head's dream. At this event you will get to see the best cars and bikes in town. This event is a perfect for those who love all types of cars. The other motor sport event is the break fast club. This event is a free to enter and is open to all. You can expect to see some excellent racing at this event.


Another great way to spend your day at Goodwood is by playing golf at their magnificent golf courses. The Goodwood golfing experience is every golfer's delight. You can bring a client to a corporate golf day, or just have some alone time on the course to practice your shots. The Goodwood experience gives you full value entertainment that isn't available anywhere else. The horse and groom is ideally located for any of the Goodwood festivals.