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Fishbourne is a beautiful village that is located in West Sussex


Fishbourne is a beautiful village that is located in West Sussex. The village is famous for its rich culture and heritage. The name Fishbourne basically means stream with fish. The village is located just a few miles away from the horse and groom. In the early days Fishbourne used to be a bustling place that was filled with noble men and people from the royal family including the King himself. Fishbourne is home to some of the most loving and hospitable people in England. The village is famous for its gardens and mosaics. Fishbourne also has some great entertainment and dining options available for those who are visiting. Lets discuss some of the history and attractions of Fishbourne and see what makes it so special.


Most of the towns in Sussex have a history that is influenced by the Romans in some way or the other. Fishbourne is also amongst those towns that was once controlled by the Romans. In 43AD the Romans built a fort here, and by the end of the first century Fishbourne was home to one of the finest palaces in the country. The Fishbourne Roman palace is perhaps still the biggest attraction in Fishbourne. As time passed by the village of Fishbourne gained popularity but then in the 3rd century a disastrous event took place. Fishbourne was struck by a massive fire that caused a lot of damage to the town. This was the last event of major historical significance that occurred in the town. Today Fishbourne has become a excellent tourist spot for many who visit Britain.

The Roman Palace

The Fishbourne Roman palace remains the biggest attraction in Fishbourne. The palace is renowned for its sheer scale and impressive mosaic flooring. You can visit the site as part of a tourist group and you will be given a proper tour by the guide present there. The in house museum has some fine artwork and artifacts. The cupid on a dolphin mosaic remains the most famous mosaic at the palace. The vivid imagery is a sight that you certainly don't want to miss.

Things To Do

You can do a lot of things in Fishbourne so don't just think that you will be bound to indoor activities. You can check out some of the historic architectural sites including cathedral belfry and the Chichester city walls. These historic landmarks will enthrall you and provide you with a wonderful experience. Other attractions include the Chichester festival theater which is a must visit for tourists.


Fishbourne like so many other Sussex villages is a people's place. You will feel right at home when you visit this village because the people will welcome you with open arms. Fishbourne is a small village but it is a trip that will be worth your time. There is so much to do you that you will enjoy your time here with both friends and family.