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Dell Quay is one of the big attractions at Chichester harbour

Dell Quay

Dell Quay is one of the big attractions at Chichester harbour. Dell Quay is located in West Sussex and is one of the best tourist destinations in all of Britain. If you haven't been to Dell Quay you really haven't experienced Sussex. Dell Quay is a fine place for a yacht yard, it is set in the Chichester harbour area and is amongst the most visited places in Chichester. Anyone who is visiting Dell Quay will enjoy picturesque locations and breathtaking views. Lets discuss Dell Quay's history and other tourist attractions in more detail.


Dell Quay's history is well known to everyone including the tourists. This was amongst the first Roman settlements when they first entered Britain. They laid down the foundation for development and progress. The Romans established the Fishbourne palace which is still considered as one of the great architectural works in all of Britain. Dell Quay has today become one of the hot spots of the Chichester harbour.


Chichester is home to some of the best art galleries and museums. If you want to go back in time and learn a bit of history this is definitely the place to be. You can visit the festival theater in the city for entertainment while you can also have a look at old churches located throughout the city. The Chichester cathedral is a popular tourist place, while the Dell Quay is a great spot for journeying yachtsmen. The Dell Quay yacht yard is modern and is equipped with the latest amenities that will make your experience here a very pleasant one. The yacht yard can deliver marine services that are needed by today's yacht masters.

Things To Do

Chichester and the surrounding area has some great museums and historical places that you can visit including the RMP museum, The Royal Military Police Museum moved from Chichester to Southwick Park in 2007 and The Tangmere military aviation museum. There are windmills in the surrounding area as well that include East wittering and Nyetimber windmill, although The East wittering windmill is over two hundred years old and shows it. Dell Quay attractions are so extravagant that you wont get bored, There are over 90km of public rights of way through the area. Many of these paths run right along the shoreline giving fantastic views of the water. Others cut across farmland and through the picturesque harbour villages. There is something for everyone in and around Dell Quay. You can choose between indoor and outdoor activities whichever may interest you. If you are interested in golf you will be glad to know that few golf courses are in close proximity. These include Chichester golf club, GoodWood golf club and Selsey golf club. You can also check out some fine race courses that are located nearby. GoodWood race course is a must visit for racing enthusiasts. Portsmouth historic dockyard, Porchester castle and West Dean Gardens are the other places you can explore.


Dell Quay is an exquisite place that you will certainly enjoy visiting with either your friends or family. The beautiful landscape and amazing location will take your breath away. If you enjoy taking a cruise in the sea you will love the experience at Dell Quay. You can checkout the attractions in Chichester while you are visiting GoodWood festivals. Any tourist would enjoy Dell Quay at anytime of the year.

Dell Quay is one of the big attractions at Chichester harbour