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Chichester Harbour an area of outstanding natural beauty

Chichester Harbour

Chichester Harbour is an area of outstanding natural beauty. It is a great place for any tourist to visit. Anyone in the United Kingdom would be foolish to turn down a trip to Chichester harbour. The city is home to some of the most caring and loving people in the United Kingdom. Chichester harbour touches the boundaries of Hampshire and West Sussex. This harbour is among the very few undeveloped coastal areas in all of Britain. It is also home to some exotic wildlife making it the ideal place for tourists to explore. Chichester harbour is one place where you would want to take your camera because it has a glorious backdrop and stunning landscape. Lets discuss the history and various other elements of Chichester harbour.


Chichester is a very prominent place in Sussex. It is regarded as the administrative capital of Sussex and is a great place for shopping, dining and vacationing. Chichester harbour also has an illustrious past that dates back to prehistoric times. In the early days this area was only covered by wild animals such as elephants and wolves. In the time period from 2000-6000 BC the first settlers arrived in this area. They lived in harsh conditions but survived. Later the Romans arrived and they started developmental work in all of Wales and England including Chichester harbour. During medieval times this area was lightly populated and it wasn't until the industrial revolution that anything of significance was actually done here. Windmills, watermills and industries were setup as development continued rapidly.

The Harbour

The harbour itself is one of the main attractions that brings people to Chichester. It adds importance to the city and gives it value in the eyes of the tourists. The harbour plays the role of an natural reserve where wildlife can thrive. The harbour is very popular with both the locals and the tourists who visit regularly for action packed activities and a lot of fun. The Chichester harbour conservancy is responsible for manging the harbour and ensuring that everything works peacefully.

Things To Do

Chichester harbour is a place where you can have a lot of fun. You can go boating on the harbour as there are 14 sailing clubs and seven training centers present here. There is also a ferry service for those who just want to take some pictures and enjoy a relaxing time. The solar powered boat is also a fun experience for tourists. The boat is revolutionary and is run from the heat generated by the sun. The beautiful landscapes of the Chichester harbour can also be explored on foot by walkers and cyclists as well.

The Chichester harbour trust also ensures that the entire area is maintained throughout the year for tourists.


The Chichester harbour is an amazing place that you should consider visiting as soon as you get the chance. It is a wonderful destination and certainly every tourist's dream.

Chichester Harbour an area of outstanding natural beauty