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Brighton is one of the best places to visit in Britain


Brighton is one of the best places to visit in Britain. It is home to a great peace loving community, Brighton was basically back in the day considered as a fishing village. It has developed considerably ever since then and today it makes a great tourist attraction. Brighton's early history dates back to the 17th century when it was the most populated town in Sussex. But in the 18th century a lot of people migrated to other cities in search of work as the fishing industry hit a declining phase. King George IV spent a lot of time in Brighton and he eventually built the royal pavilion which still exists today and is amongst the most widely visited places in Brighton. It is also amongst the most popular seaside resorts in England today. Lets discuss some of the tourist attractions and other features of Brighton.

Historical Background

In the 17th century Brighton was reshaped after King George made it his home. This brought about a huge social change in the town and it was for the first time considered as more than a fishing village. The king made sure that Brighton became a place worthy for him to live in, the architectural work done at that time is still considered as one of the best in the country. In the 1800's the first railway station was built in Brighton, this was a major development in a small town. Brighton has been praised by many for its scenic beauty and wonderful architecture.

The Location

Brighton is one of the best places to visit with your family. You can visit numerous places from the royal pavilion to the Victorian aquariums. Walks alongside the seashore make for a great time with your loved ones. People of Brighton are energetic and fun loving which is why you shouldn't be hesitant about visiting this place. The stunning beach fronts in Brighton will blow your mind away, you can visit parks, forts and gardens which are all located in close proximity.


Architectural enthusiasts will love a place like Brighton. You will find some magnificent churches in Brighton alongside the obvious attraction which is the Royal pavilion. Brighton has a deep cultural heritage that has still been preserved today. Brighton has earned the reputation of being a place that is elegant and fun. Throughout the periods a lot of work has been done in Brighton with regards to development.

Things to Do

Brighton is a great place for adventurers and explorers. You can go out for some fun boating and fishing trips with your friends and family. Brighton is also home to some excellent restaurants that include Windsor, Terraces Bar and Grill, Little Bat and the Courtyard. After dinner you can check out the exciting night life in Brighton. Brighton music hall is a great place for live music, you can also visit rendezvous casino if you want more excitement.


Brighton is without question one of the most fun places in the United Kingdom. The small town houses some great entertainment, architecture and food. Brighton is one place that you will definitely want to visit as soon as possible.

Brighton is one of the best places to visit in Britain