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Bosham is a small village located in West Sussex


Bosham is a great tourist attraction for all those who are visiting the south of england. Bosham is a small village located in West Sussex, it is basically divided up into two parts which are called old Bosham and new Bosham. This is a village that is well renowned all over the country because of its great history. Bosham is home to a small population, it is a village with a great cultural heritage. If you are in the United Kingdom you should definitely visit Bosham and experience the wonderful life here. Bosham will definitely enthrall you and leave you with an experience that you will remember for a longtime to come. Lets discuss some of the history of Bosham and also the various activities tourists can do whilst they are here.


Bosham has a great history that dates back to the time of the Romans. They used it as a port in the early days and later in the 7th century the first church was built here on the remains of Roman Basilica. In 750AD the name of the village was changed to Bosanhamm. Bosham is often considered as one of the earliest places of Christian worship. King Canute built a palace in Bosham during his time, he was a powerful king who considered himself as all conquering. According to historians he once placed his throne at the edge of the sea and ordered the waves to stop but obviously they didn't. After King Canute's death numerous emperors came and went as time and passed by swiftly.

The Plague

One of the most significant events in the history of Bosham took place in 1664. The fishermen in Bosham took it upon themselves to help others, they left food outside the city gates to help those who couldn't get access to food and supplies. The plague caused the death of many people and is still remembered as an important event in Bosham's history.

The Location

Bosham is located just 15 miles east of Portsmouth and 3 miles west of Chichester. Bosham is one of the most beautiful villages in England. Some of the attractions include an arts and crafts center, pubs, restaurants, etc. The GoodWood racing course is also located just 6.5 miles away. Bosham basically connects to numerous other cities in the country. Bosham is a very welcoming village since it has a very small population of just 2662. Another great place to visit in Bosham is the Quay where you can enjoy a day out with your friends and family. Here you will be able to see some wonderful views, with boats and sailors filling up the surrounding area.


Bosham is home to some of the finest historical landmarks in the United Kingdom. You can visit churches, cathedrals, museums and other public places while you are here. Bosham maybe small in size but it certainly isn't lacking in providing you with an outstanding tourist experience.

Bosham is a small village located in West Sussex