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Good Evening! Welcome to the Horse and Groom

Bed and Breakfast accommodation for mountain biking holidays

The Horse & Groom bed and breakfast for mountain biking holidays

The Horse and Groom is ideally located for mountain biking around west sussex, There are lots of rides and tracks to choose from, you can even join a group ride or organise a local guide to show you around.

Group rides

There are group rides which you can join which leave from the horse and groom every Wednesday and Saturday, The locals all meet together at the horse and groom and there ready to leave at 2:30pm on Wednesdays and 11:00am on Saturday mornings for the group rides.

If your planning a mountain biking holiday and decide to stay at the horse and groom then you could always organise for a local to take you out and be your guide, The locals are a great bunch of chaps that would be more than willing to be your guide if you buy them a pint.

Events and Groups

Cycling events in Chichester are held throughout the year. It is a place for adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts. If you are keen on biking and cycling then you need to sign up with a group so that you can take part in the numerous events that take place. Most cyclists in Chichester go out on a regular basis while some only come out for special events and competitions. One major event that takes place here is the Chichester cycling festival, this takes place in the month of June every year. At this festival you can expect to meet famous cyclists and hear tips and advice from them.

Other Attractions

Another event that takes place in Chichester is the Chichester cycling challenge, this event is held in July every year. You can get in touch and find out more about this event. The cycling groups are generally divided amongst beginners and pros. You can ride with the people of your experience level and either take on mountain bike tracks or leisure rides. The information on routes and areas can be found online. According to the Chichester district authorities’ midhurst west is the new track that has been added. Cycling journey planner is available online for you and can be used to learn cycling routes in Chichester.


Some of the popular cycling and biking routes in Chichester include Bill way cycle route, Chichester triathlon cycle route which is a 42km cycle route from Chichester to Lavant, Chilgrove, Harting, Funtington then back to Chichester. centurion cycle way route and oving commuter cycle route. Chichester is a beautiful place for a fantastic cycling experience. If you want to go for bike rides then Chichester is the right place for you. Mountain biking is the most fun and exciting things one can do in Chichester.

Bed and Breakfast accommodation for mountain biking holiday