Accommodation for goodwood horseracing events

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Bed and Breakfast accommodation for goodwood horseracing events

The Horse & Groom's bed and breakfast is ideally located for goodwood horseracing events.

The Horse & Groom in east ashling near chichester is conveniently located close to one of England’s most famous racecourses at Goodwood, We are just a brief journey from Goodwood which is set high on the Sussex Downs.

Glorious Goodwood is one of the well known annual events which is held in July and August each year, also said to be “Fabulous racing and the most picturesque course in the world” as quoted by Frankie Dettori.

Goodwood Racing Events

The Goodwood racing events stretch from April through to October each year, including the special five day event in July known as Glorious Goodwood where you will experience a selection of world-class horses as they race on one of England’s most famous racecourses.

All You Need To Know About Goodwood Horse Racing Events

Goodwood is a name that will sound very familiar to horse racing fans across the globe. It is one of the most prestigious and renowned horse racing events today. The Goodwood festivals are known for enthralling and entertaining guests. People who haven't been to Goodwood events don't know what they are missing. Goodwood is known for arranging the most fun events throughout the year, some of the most popular Goodwood events include three Friday nights, Glorious Goodwood, August bank holiday and the horse racing season finale. The Goodwood experience is one that horse racing enthusiasts will certainly enjoy to the fullest. Lets take a detailed look at some of Goodwood's famous horse racing events.

Three Friday Nights

Three Friday nights is a horse racing event that is held every year at Goodwood and as the name states it is held on three consecutive Fridays. The three Friday nights event is truly a remarkable experience. It is something that every horse racing fan would enjoy. There are loads of events that take place during the course of this festival. Basically it is a mix of horse racing, music and dancing. You should book your tickets early because they sell out as quickly as they are made available. This is an event where you can bring your friends and family along and have a great time.

Glorious Goodwood

Glorious Goodwood is another horse racing event that you are sure to fall in love with. It is one of the most followed horse racing events all over the globe. The five day event can provide you with a magnificent experience. You can visit here with perhaps a client, a friend or maybe send out your staff for a nice day out. At Glorious Goodwood you can expect an action packed event in a great environment. The 12 acre Goodwood field is packed with modern amenities that should make for some great entertainment. You can book private boxes and get the best race viewing experience, furthermore you can enjoy some of the best meals during breaks at the restaurants present at the race course.

Bank Holiday

The bank holiday event is another special event that is held at Goodwood's. This event is based on the 1950's concept of the August bank holiday. The event is bound to bring heaps of excitement when it starts on 23 August. You will be able to listen to live music at the festival to go with some amazing food. This is one event that has no age restrictions, even those who aren't big horse racing fans can visit and enjoy a day out.

Season Finale

The season finale at Goodwood's is without question a spectacular event. The event takes place in October and is the last event before the winter break. You can visit with your friends and family for a fun Sunday afternoon at the course. It is advised that you dress appropriately for all Goodwood events. Shorts, fancy dresses and bare tops are not allowed at the enclosures. It is advised that you go through the dress code requirements before you visit the race course.

Bed and Breakfast accommodation for goodwood horseracing events