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All About the Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Goodwood festival of speed is one of the most popular events in the motoring world. This event is held on a yearly basis and is a must visit for racing enthusiasts. What makes the festival of speed special is its uniqueness, you will see a lot of different types of car races when you are here. According to some this is the largest car culture festival in the world and who would disagree with them given the huge scale on which this event is held. In the motoring world the Goodwood festival of speed is the most highly anticipated events throughout the year. The sound of roaring engines is surely music to the ears of car lovers all over the world. The entertainment value of this event is simply incredible, you wont find anything as exciting as this anywhere else. Lets take a detailed look at the various elements of the Goodwood festival of speed.

What is it About

The festival of speed is about people and cars. It is a total entertainment package for you and your family. Goodwood is dedicated to giving their customers the best experience which is why events such as the festival of speed are held. The event is held at the grounds of the Goodwood house, it is basically a hill climb event that is packed with fast paced action and adventure. When you visit the event you can expect to be thoroughly entertained as we have a wide variety of sports cars that go head to head in amazing races. The festival of speed is a event that has a great history as well, it has been going on since the last 20 years and will surely continue in the coming years as well.

Why is it Special

What makes Goodwood festival of speed special is its ability to combine a multitude of events together. At this motor sport festival you will get to see the most outrageous vehicles that will blow your mind. Not only are you treated to exquisite cars but you also get to see awesome bike stunts. Even the biking community joins this motor show and adds to the glimmer. The 2017 festival of speed was held last year so if you want to see some more action you wont have much longer to wait. The dates for the next year's event may have not been announced but you can always contact Goodwood's office for more information regarding this event.

A People's Event

The festival of speed is definitely a people's event. You can come here with your friends, family , colleagues etc. There is something for everyone at this festival, if you are tired you can rest and grab a quick meal at the restaurants present at the Goodwood course. You can visit different locations on the grounds and enjoy food ranging from burgers to Mexican wraps. Food is another reason why a lot of people visit the Goodwood festival of speed every year. Make sure that you don't miss out on the 2018 event so book early as soon as the tickets are made available by Goodwood.

Bed and Breakfast accommodation for goodwood festival of speed